Re-Thinking Healthy Food

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There is much to UN-learn from decades of hearing “eat less and exercise more”.  You may be at your absolute depths or you may just be mildIy interested in trying out this new “Low Carb High Fat” or “Keto” diet…regardless of where you are at mentally…you landed here and you’re looking for answers. It’s time to RE-learn healthy.

I’ll show you how at AFTER age 45 I ate my way to successful and sustained weight loss, more clarity of mind, clearer and tighter skin, more restful sleep, a life full of laughter and love, and so much more.

Start here because I want you to know that you’re not alone.  Former chubby housewife, former Realtor, former Collegiate Division 1 Athlete, former commercial print model, former yo-yo dieter…need I go on? My name is Kellie and I’ve been lots of former things. I call it an evolution into the woman I am today….healthy, strong, happy, aware and grounded. I’ve gone from “Carbie to Barbie” and I’m never looking back. I’ve struggled with yo-yo dieting for almost my entire life, and here I stand today at almost 50 years old as a stronger, healthier, and fitter woman than I have ever been….and I want to share that with the world.

Through education, dedication, trial and error, research, and many pounds lost and gained and lost again I’ve been able to completely transform my body and health. It is my goal and mission to help hoards of people get healthy, learn to cook or just put together meals, lose weight, explode with energy, and once and for all get off the dieting roller coaster.

My passion for all things health and food has lead me a to create and share information that is contrary to popular belief in the “Health and Fitness” world. Most doctors, Registered Dieticians and Nutritionists prescribe the Standard American Diet (SAD)…and look where it’s gotten us. I do not believe in the “eat less, exercise more” or “calories in vs. calories out” methods of weight loss. It NEVER worked for me…and for most of the world. The SAD diet is just that….so so so sad. The Kellie Kitchen is all about shifting away from that antiquated “healthy” way.

I used to say the “Red Carpet Ready” starts in the kitchen, but really it’s LIFE that starts in the kitchen. Knowing how to feed yourself and your family is the crux to overall health. After earning my Certification in Holistic Health and Nutrition coupled with my passion for cooking (plus the vein side of me that always wants to look good in a bathing suit has lead me here.

In The Kellie Kitchen I will share with you the road to effortless weight loss and boundless energy, plus laugher, fun and joy in your life. We can do that all by starting with delicious and easy ways to feed yourself and family from your own kitchen. It’s easier than you think and no deprivation.

When I started re-thinking and RE-LEARNING what I had always been taught about “healthy diet and exercise” EVERYTHING changed.  Who would have ever thought that Wheaties are NOT the breakfast of Champions (at least for me…and most people)?  Simple shifts away from processed and prepackaged foods, as well as minimizing sugar and grains in my diet (yes, that means less bread and wine) were easy steps I took to lose weight and bloat…plus a whole other list of things like better sleep and brain fog lifting to name a few.

Years ago I pictured my life (body, home, career, marriage) a massive cruise ship headed in the wrong direction.  I was heavier than I wanted to be and I was unwell with constant ailments. I was not sleeping well, my hair was thinning and my skin was dull and sullin. My kids didn’t seem happy or energetic either.  And my husband, well, he was always angry anyway so who knows about him and his stomach. I was balancing my kid’s lives and my home life under a crumbling unhealthy and very unhappy marriage. Food choices were whatever was quick, cheap and easy. With crazy schedules and difficult palates mealtime turned into a scene from a short order cook’s kitchen.  I could whip out pancakes with REAL maple syrup, a fruity yogurt and a glass of juice with minutes to spare before the school bus arrived. I was the queen of quick dinners….dumping a box of beige noodles and a jar of some kind of sauce into a pot. Add a bag of salad with a goopy bottled dressing and dinner was served in 12 minutes flat.

Having nagging children, an angry husband and my own grumbling stomach sent me into a frenzy at mealtime.  And when I couldn’t pull it all together (or didn’t have the will to combat the angry villagers) my first call was to the local pizza place.  God bless that place for getting us all fed quickly and cheaply, but pizza, pasta and garlic knots all around as a staple was not a good plan.  We’d charge the restaurant like angry villagers sneering with pitchforks and leave like glassy eyed and belly bloated zombies. Ever heard of food coma? That was us.

Yes, we tried to eat a “healthy” diet of whole grains (plain Cheerios), skim milk, dry whole wheat toast, egg whites ONLY, fat free cheeses, the leanest meats and natural sugars like Agave nectar and honey. And we were eating and snacking ALL DARN DAY to “keep our metabolism revved”, but we were always hungry and chubby.  Eating a low fat or fat free diet made us even more hungry….and, quite frankly, nothing really tasted that great. Who likes dry chicken breast? Feeling deprived and punished at every meal was no way to live. I was on this yo-yo of “Fat Free & Healthy Stuff” while we were being good, and then the wheels would fall off the bus and we were off to get the giant bowl of pasta with an endless basket of garlic knots.

I even got on the exercise bandwagon.  Full disclaimer here that I was an athlete in college….I played Division 1 Women’s Volleyball team at the University of San Diego (go Toreros).  Years later and after marriage, kids and full time mom stuff my exercise routine ranged from sprint triathlons and 4x weekly spin classes and personal trainers to months of absolutely NOTHING.  I had a full gym in my house for goodness sake! Months would go by and I’d forget I even had that workout room in the house. Then, after months of being a sleuth I’d drag myself onto the treadmill ashamed of how lazy I had become. Coming in hot and revved to the gym all suited up in the latest gear, I was determined that THIS time I’d train like an Olympian.  I’d get back on the routine of starving myself with bland and unsatisfying foods and beating the crap out of myself in the gym…hating every second of it. Of course when I moved more I was ravenously hungry. What a cycle….move more and eat less, but I was ravenously hungry because I just moved more. That’s crazy making and it had to stop!

I was (and am) NOT the kind of woman that would throw caution to wind  or run off to Bali to practice yoga and chant with a shaman while watching the sunrise while drinking herbal tea. I had to re-learn what healthy meant to me through trial and error.  In order for me to get healthy and happy I turned MY ship around. My path to being well took time and consistent effort to get moving in the right direction. “Righting the Ship” did not happen overnight. My “ship” took years to turn around through trial and error, but yours doesn’t have to.

I will teach you how I cleaned out my pantry, stocked my fridge, and……show you easy and inexpensive ways to feed yourself and your family. Imagine that…real whole food and enjoyable exercise.  Exercise is part of this journey, but not in the tire flipping, miles of running, and yelling in your face ways you have witnessed or been taught.  Movement and exercise does NOT have to hurt and it can be enjoyable, but I’m not going to lie…it takes effort. We will find stuff you like and you will stick to it because it works for YOU!

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