Tips for FASTER Weight Loss on Keto

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Tips for Faster Weight Loss

When I’m working with my Keto Accountability Coaching clients the main goal for them is most usually weight loss.  Soooo….they eventually want tips for FASTER weight loss.

The type of Keto and Intermittent Fasting Lifestyle I practice (and that I teach) is just that…a lifestyle. 

My clients follow easy and doable steps for every day for lifestyle weight loss and weight maintenance. The goal I have is to teach DOABLE HABITS. These are habits that they can do day in and day out EVERY DAY forever.

Keto and Intermittent Fasting Lifestyle habits are long term. FOR LIFE.

Keto and Low Carb Accountability Coaching

While there is steady weight loss with low carb and intermittent fasting over time, this is NOT an overnight miracle situation. Weight loss and weight maintenance takes time and consistency.

A keto friendly diet is not a FASTER weight loss plan. This is a LIFETIME weight loss method.

Here it comes…

However, it NEVER fails that I get this text, email or call from my clients.

They want to know what MORE they can be doing to drop the weight FASTER. At about the 2 week mark (the time my clients have experienced some real success) they want to speed up the weight loss process.

They may think this is “too easy “and want to push themselves so they can lose more weight…..and more quickly. Or maybe the tiny incremental moves on the scale are too painful to go through day in and day out.

I have to say that I can’t blame them. 

It’s exciting to finally see the scale move in the right direction without all the punishing outdated tactics they have tried over the years. They have wrongly believed that going hungry, eating fat free flavorless foods, and aggressive gym sessions were the only way to lose weight.  

That sounds like MISERY to me.

It’s a natural progression in a low carb and intermittent fasting lifestyle for a light to appear at the END of the dreadful dieting tunnel.  When they see that proverbial bright light they want to run FASTER. It’s normal to want to do more to get to their goals more quickly.  

My style is a complementary and non-punishing method to reach your health goals.  I am not a medical doctor, nor do I follow strict therapeutic keto. I do NOT practice STRICT KETO unless I’m in weight loss mode or need it medically.

Like Clockwork

But….almost every client asks how to lose weight FASTER. 

This is what I tell my clients to do to lose weight FASTER with Keto…

The 10 KETO TIPS for weight loss


Some people can eat slightly more carbs than a strict 20g TOTAL carbs and still lose weight, but when you’re just getting started and weight loss is your main goal, it’s best to keep TOTAL carbs very low.

This is the quickest way to control hunger and keep your body in fat-burning mode. As Dr. Eric Westman says, “Think of this way of tracking your carbs as ‘prescription strength’ Keto”.

All carbs matter when you’re in strict weight loss mode.

YES…you have to count the carbs in your broccoli and cream and berries.


Another one of my keto tips for faster weight loss is counting TOTAL carbs, not just net carbs.

Total carbs include both fiber and sugar alcohols in your food. When you subtract out the fiber and the sugar alcohols you are left with NET CARBS.  Counting net carbs is like an over-the-counter strength low-carb diet.

As mentioned above, counting TOTAL CARBS is like prescription strength Keto. Counting net carbs works for some people, but counting total carbs is much more powerful.

Stay strict to counting TOTAL CARBS and you will get results.


Three meals each day plus snacks is simply a cultural pattern born out of a need for routine and predictability. More importantly, the push for eating all the time is a result of food manufacturers and marketers to sell more food.

There is no absolutely ZERO medical data ever proving that eating all day long is a necessity. 

If you’re hungry for just 1 or 2 meals in a day, then eat only 1 or 2 meals. Let your body—not a clock or an app—tell you when you’re hungry.


Adding cream, butter or MCT oil to your coffee?

It’s preferred to consume/chew your calories from food, not from drinking oils added to your beverages.

Sure coconut oil or butter or MCT oil are zero carb, but that doesn’t mean they’re low in calories. Keto tips for faster weight loss #4 is use a small amount of cream in coffee or tea if you must, but do NOT add oils or butter to your drinks.


Nuts are great because they are relatively low in carbs…BUT they’re also very concentrated in fat. This way of eating is not low fat, but fat is NOT unlimited.

Also, nuts can be a trigger food that many people lose control around. The crunch and the saltiness make it easy to just keep eating them. If you know nuts are a problem food for you, it’s best to avoid them entirely.

Also, know that some nuts are higher in carbs than others.  While all nuts are good to eat, sometimes it’s best to stick with a lower carb variety like pecans or macadamias.


Like nuts, cheese is very low in carbs and high in fat. Cheese can also be inflammatory for some people.

It’s easy to eat more cheese than you intend to. If you sit down with a knife and block of cheese that is not pre-portioned you could easily consume 5x the amount of that delicious cheese without even knowing it.

Keto tips for faster weight loss #6 is use cheese as an accent to salads or a sprinkle on a casserole. If you are eating cheese by the hunk it’s too much to eat if losing fat and reducing the scale are the main goals.

It’s best to stay under 4 ounces of cheese per day for maximum weight loss and reduced inflammation.


When you’re trying to lose weight, it can be tempting to step on the scale several times a day, after you use the restroom or after you exercise. 

You MUST know that the scale does NOT tell the whole story of what is happening in your body. Weighing yourself once per week would be an ideal way to track your overall weight.

However consider taking your body measurements instead. It’s also helpful to assess how your clothes fit. Over time your body composition will adjust, but the scale may stay the same. 

Keep in mind that your menstrual cycle will cause water retention a few days each month. 


Alcoholic beverages can fit into a low-carb lifestyle. If fast weight loss is the goal or you’re new to this way of eating you must give your body every advantage for fat loss. 


That means nada, Zilch, NOTHING!!  It’s best to stay away from alcohol altogether.


Many medications are known to cause weight gain or make it more difficult to lose weight. Ask your doctor if a medication you’re taking is known to be one of these “weight-positive” drugs. If so, ask about switching to a different medication.

There may be another option that has the same pharmaceutical benefit you require, but that will not interfere with weight loss. (Always work with a licensed medical professional through this process; do not change or stop medication on your own).


Low-Carb diets are extremely effective for weight loss. This does NOT mean all your excess weight will melt away overnight.

Most people lose a significant amount of weight in the first few weeks after going very low-carb. After about the first 2 weeks the pace slows down a bit.

This is normal.

This does not mean you’ve done anything wrong. A typical rate of loss is about 1-2 pounds per week, but depending on your starting weight, you might lose more or less than this.

Slow weight loss is still weight loss!

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