The Kellie Kitchen Break Out Talk ~ LowCarbUSA San Diego 2019

Presenting to a crowd~OMG!

I had the opportunity to speak at one of the most informative and greatest Keto Conferences of the year~LowCarb USA San Diego 2019 sharing my talk called What’s For Dinner? I felt honored to have been included in the line up and there is more to come.

The video…

How to feed your family from a delicious low carb kitchen…Watch my video presentation called What’s for Dinner? ~ How to feed your family from a delicious low carb kitchen here…

LowCarb USA San Diego 2019

Thank you to Doug Reynolds and his wife, Pam for all the hard work putting together an amazing event. They are already getting ready for the next conference! is their passion!

“What’s for Dinner?” is a heard daily from families around the world…and I’m on a mission to help families take back their health through eating REAL FOOD!

Thank you and please share

As I continue on this journey to spread the word to the WORLD I am so grateful for all the support. We can change the health of the world through what we eat. And when your family asks What’s for Dinner? you will know what to do to be give them health and togetherness around the family dinner table.

Everything I do for The Kellie Kitchen is a labor of love and pure passion for sharing great food and great health. Thank you for being part of my journey. Now…What’s for Dinner?



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