10 Benefits of Keto & Fasting

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1.Rapid Weight Loss

It’s really undeniable that on of the main benefits of Keto & Fasting is weight loss. Following a keto style diet coupled with fasting has produced some of the most remarkable results in weight loss.

Time and time again I hear people crying tears of joy. They’re able to finally lose weight and reap the benefits of Keto & Fasting.

Years and years of yo-yo dieting has crippled the strongest, most dedicated, hardest working people I know. Then something kind of miraculous happens. People start to cut their carbs and eat in a smaller window of the day.

When people cut the crap out of their diets the magic happens in a matter of a few months. And here’s the thing…IT’S SUSTAINABLE!

I’m talking lifestyle here! When you can eat like this for the rest of your life the roller coaster ENDS!

2. Sustainable Weight Loss

And here’s the most magically thing I say about the benefits of Keto & Fasting….Notice above I did not say “Eat Less, Exercise More”.

People can actually eat more delicious foods that are satisfying and satiating…and still lose weight. Sure you can lose weight on any pretty much any diet you commit yourself to for a month.

The Cabbage Soup Diet, Jenny Craig, Optiva, Calorie Counting are all diets that anyone of us could lose weight with strict adherence. One can only eat cabbage soup day in and day out for so long.

You could buy all your pre-made meals from Jenny Craig (all processed stuff BTW). What happens when you stop buying that stuff?

Keto foods are filling! They are easy to get at any restaurant, easy to make…and who doesn’t love cheese and meat and vegetables and avocados? No friend of mine thats for sure!

This way of eating has changed my life. You can read the whole story here.

3. Possible Seizure Reduction

The benefits of keto & fasting actually found their way to mainstream society over a century ago in 1911. The very first modern study took place in France.

This study showed promise that patients that fasted and strictly followed a ketogenic diet experienced fewer seizures. They also had fewer adverse health effects from the condition of epilepsy.

4. Improves Acne

Acne has been referred to in modern day medicine at the diabetes of the gut. By reducing insulin levels following a low carb keto style diet (along with intermittent fasting) a remarkable improvement is shown in skin complexion.

Insulin, and other hormones that are influenced by insulin, can instigate and cause chaos in skin that leads to acne.

By following a keto diet and fasting you will have less insulin spikes leading to less skin lesions.

5. Controls Sugar Cravings

The science and solid research on sugar as an addictive substance is still not 100% conclusive. However, anyone that has seen kids jacked up on sugar and then crash would believe it is.

Most studies that I have read lean towards sugar as addictive, but they are studies done on rats or mice. We are not rodents.

It is interesting to witness an alcoholic that has stopped drinking only to turn to sugar and carbs to fill the void of alcohol. Alcohol is a non-essential macro-nutrient just as carbohydrates are…so I wonder what’s going on there.

When I eat less sugar (or completely cut it out of my diet) I crave it less. Maybe that’s because I’m satisfied and satiated by all the wholesome fat and protein filled foods.

Come on.....Anyone can make these NO BAKE Strawberry Cheesecake Cups. And only 3g net carbs!

6. Better Brain Function

Alzheimer’s disease has been dubbed Type 3 Diabetes of the brain. A low carb or keto style whole foods diet has been suggested to increase brain function.

It has been shown that are brains prefer to fuel on Ketones over glucose. When we void carbohydrates from our diet and intermittent fast we create Ketones as fuel.

Your brain will thank you for that.

This is a great article about keto and better brain health.

7. Helps with PCOS

If I had a nickel for every time I heard of a new pregnancy after someone started keto I’d be a rich woman. I could even start a pre-school with all those new babies!

The keto or super low carb diet may be one of the best diets for women with PCOS. A benefit of keto & fasting is it reduces insulin levels and insulin resistance. 

As written on DietDoctor.com “Fertility specialist Dr. Michael Fox has more than a decade of experience helping patients with PCOS and infertility, using a low-carb diet.

Dr. Fox found that compared to only using drugs, adding a low-carb diet for PCOS patients increased their chance of pregnancy from 45% to over 90%!

This may save many people from needing in-vitro fertilization (a very expensive option that isn’t always successful). Instead getting pregnant in a safe, inexpensive way” using diet and time restricted eating.

8. May Reduce Risk of Certain Cancers

Cancer cells use more glucose than normal cells to maintain their growth. Since a keto & fasting diet deprives the body of glucose, one would conclude the cancer cells may be starved.

I would never suggest ignoring main stream medicine when someone is diagnosed with something as serious as cancer. However, when someone is diagnosed with cancer all hands are called on deck. It’s a time to fight like hell to combat that sucker!

Every doctor, whether they believe in the benefits of Keto & fasting or not, would agree that eating well promotes health. A diet made up of unprocessed, whole foods is best for overall health. Not one doctor is going say it does not matter what you eat for health. If they did I’d get a new doctor STAT!

When we get rid of the boxed (processed foods) we get the benefits of Keto & fasting. Picture a beautiful piece of salmon, sauteed broccoli with butter and some herbed cauliflower rice. YUM!

9. More Quality Sleep

As found on PsychologyToday.com by Michael J. Breus, PhD, “Our eating and sleeping lives are deeply connected. What and when we eat affects our circadian rhythms. Our gut health, our energy levels, and the hormones and biochemicals stimulate and sedate us.”

The definitive answer on the benefits of Keto & Fasting are still up for discussion. However, we know that losing weight and keeping all your blood markers/hormones within normal range will promote a quality nights sleep.

I have found that when I am consistently eating low carb, hydrating, intermittent fasting with moderately exercising I sleep very well. I am able to consistently get 7-9 hours a sleep per night. Which any menopausal woman knows if a small feat!

10. Helps with Hormone Balance

Insulin is a hormone that’s responsible for transporting sugar from your bloodstream into your cells. When sugar or fat is transported it can be used as fuel.

Insulin is also a storage hormone. Fat around your belly, organs or back side is stored fat.

Research suggests that another benefit of keto & fasting is that it may improve insulin sensitivity. Improved insulin sensitivity will promote better blood sugar control.

Anytime we eat we trigger a reaction in insulin levels in our body. When we eat Keto & Fast we have less insulin spikes. Less insulin spikes means less hormone reactivity.

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  1. cindy October 22, 2020 at 10:51 pm

    I’ve been on Keto for about 25 months and lost over 130 lbs and a goal. Fasting works, keeping a log of food intake and hanging pictures on the frig. also help. Your story is an inspiration and I pray you continue to have success and others follow your lead.
    Angel Hugs,