If I had nothing in my kitchen or pantry or fridge this is where I’d start…..but we all know that you are not starting with an empty kitchen AND you might not like some of these items listed below. With this Keto Costco Shopping List I could make a bazillion things to eat and most of these items can stay in your kitchen for weeks. 

It’s the produce that you need to rotate and gauge your usage.  Some of the produce you can freeze and some of it you can batch cook and put in your freezer like my Turkey Bolognese Stuffed Peppers or my Buffalo Chicken and Cauliflower bake….or how about most of my soups!!!

If you bought everything on this Low Carb Costco Shopping List you would probably spend $500..which is a lot, but thats fine because

1. you are going to make it last

2. it’s an investment in yourself

3. your next shops will be to restock bits and pieces depending on what you’re doing that month and who you are feeding.

Look…..people travel or they have family functions or you have a big work project or LIFE happens so this Keto Costco Shopping List below is…….. if I were going to buy ANYTHING from Costco this is what I would get.  But you HAVE to do a little planning based on your life.

Full disclosure that this is not me and I have no idea who these people are, but the point is that we’re not trying to be bikini models here….just want to be healthy for our families.

If you don’t want to think about it now you will have to think about it IN THE MOMENT.  And that’s when I see most people fail.  You’re exhausted, short on time and nothing sounds good to eat….so you grab a cookie or the burger and fries or whatever is quick and easy.

For a jumbo shop this is MY Keto Costco Shopping List and what I get….


  1. Feta Cheese (crumbles)
  2. Blue Cheese (crumbles)
  3. Goat Cheese (log)
  4. Cheddar Cheese (shredded)
  5. Mozzarella Cheese (shredded) {Can you say FatHead Pizza?}
  6. Cream Cheese (blocks, not tub)
  7. Parmesan Cheese (shredded)
  8. American Cheese (slices, not low fat)
  9. Heavy Cream
  10. Greek yogurt (Plain, 5%, Fage brand)


  1. Avocados
  2. Lemons
  3. Lettuce (spring mix, romaine and arugula)
  4. Brussel sprouts
  5. Broccoli
  6. Mushrooms
  7. Peppers
  8. Cauliflower (florettes and riced)
  9. Green beans
  10. Beets (we eat these occasionally)
  11. Carrots (we eat these occasionally)
  12. Tomatoes (cherry and on-the-vine)
  13. Onion (red and yellow)
  14. Garlic (love the pre-peeled for my Garlic Thyme Soup)
  15. Raspberries
  16. Blueberries
  17. Strawberries
  18. Kale (pre-shredded only)
  19. Spinach (baby fresh or frozen blocks)
  20. Peas (frozen, and we only eat a little bit)

Coffee (Kirkland brand Keurig pods) 120 pods per box for $36!!!


  1. Salmon (large filet that I cut into steaks and freeze)
  2. Bacon (try for uncured)
  3. Flank steak (2 pack and then I separate, marinate and freeze)
  4. Ground beef (organic 3 pack)
  5. Chicken breasts (organic 3 pack)
  6. Rotisserie chicken (2-one for shredding and put in freezer and the other for chicken salad)-I think they’re about $5 each-CHEAP!

Almond Milk (unsweetened plain)

Nuts (all Kirkland brand)

  1. Pecans {Great for a chocolate covered treat
  2. Walnuts
  3. Macadamia
  4. Almonds
  5. Peanut Butter (Laura Scudder’s ONLY)
  6. Almond Flour (white blanched, Kirkland brand)-If they have it 🙂
  7. Coconut Flour
  8. Eggs (organic, pasture raised)

Olive Oil

Avocado Oil

Coconut Oil

Olives (black canned and green jarred)

Tomatoes (organic canned)

Sun dried tomatoes (packed in oil and dry)


  1. Salt (course Kosher salt)
  2. Black Pepper
  3. Garlic powder
  4. Vanilla extract
  5. Taco seasoning
  6. Lemon pepper
  7. Thyme
  8. Rosemary

In another life I’d be way more organized and have a print out on a beautiful PDF, but that’s just not happening today.  You’ll have to take this list and print the web page or write out what you actually need before you go. 

If there’s anything you get at Costco that didn’t make my list PLEASE let me know.  Always looking for tips.

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